Proposal for the appropriation of available earnings

in CHF 31.12.201531.12.2014
Retained earnings carried forward15 378 6603 770 735
Net income16 587 08412 222 925
Retained earnings31 965 74415 993 660
Allocation to statutory retained earnings830 000615 000
Retained earnings to be carried forward31 135 74415 378 660

Furthermore, the board of directors proposes that CHF 10 094 364 from the reserves from capital contributions be reclassified as voluntary free reserves and that the subsequent distribution to shareholders, which is exempt from withholding tax, be made as follows:

in CHF
For each series A registered share2.05 net
For each series B registered share20.50 net

Subject to approval by the general meeting of shareholders of the proposal put forward by the board of directors, distribution will be effected on Monday, April 18, 2016 («Payment Date»). No distribution is effected on shares held by the company.

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