The commitment of Zug Estates to sustainable development is an integral part of its corporate strategy. The company, with a strong base in the Zug region, set key priorities in 2015 with its zero-zero vision and highquality external landscaping concept.

Zug Estates published an independent sustainability report for the first time in 2015. The report focused on the following issues: first, the zero-zero strategy with which Zug Estates pursues the medium-term aim of becoming the first listed real estate company with a zero-carbon portfolio; second, external landscape design that targets high amenity while complementing and extending the use of buildings; and third, the commitment of a company with strong local roots to the interests of society, clients, investors and partners. The activities in these areas are briefly outlined below. The full report is available at


In the medium term, Zug Estates seeks to operate its entire portfolio with renewable energy and without CO2 emissions. The centerpiece of this strategy is the Suurstoffi site in Risch Rotkreuz, where Zug Estates has single-mindedly pursued this vision ever since the project launch in 2010. The Suurstoffi district already meets most of the demands and is becoming increasingly energy-efficient with each new development step. Yet, the zero-zero vision also drives optimizations to the existing portfolio: Zug Estates is examining various options and solutions that will pave the way for near-carbon-free operation of the Zug City Center site.

Since 2012, the Zug Estates Group has published key figures on the development of primary energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for its own real estate portfolio. Each set of data is analyzed by the Center for Interdisciplinary Building Technology of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (HSLU). The redefined measurement period now runs from April 1 to March 31. The previous year's values have been adjusted accordingly. Non-renewable primary energy consumption and CO 2 emissions are predicted to fall steadily in the periods between 2016 and 2020 as various new efficiency measures take effect.


Inspired by its strong roots in the city of Zug and surrounding region, Zug Estates has adopted a long-term investment horizon in respect of the Metalli/Zug City Center and Suurstoffi sites. Here, the needs of clients, investors and partners enjoy top priority. Users at both sites are provided with ideal conditions, with public and private transport links playing a pivotal role. To further improve access, a mobility management scheme – including a parking guidance system and car sharing service – is currently being implemented at the two locations. Neighborhood services are another key offering: these range from childcare and apartment cleaning to outpatient care (Spitex). Its broad-based sustainability strategy makes Zug Estates an interesting long-term investment for shareholders. The company also offers attractive working conditions and professional development opportunities for its staff, and provides 10 to 12 trainee positions each year.

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