8. Auditing body

8.1 Duration of the mandate and term of office of the lead auditor

Ernst & Young AG, Zug, has been the auditor of the operating companies since 2006. The lead auditor has exercised this function since 2013.

8.2 Auditing fees

In the reporting period, Ernst & Young AG, Zug, invoiced Zug Estates Holding AG or the Zug Estates Group TCHF 109 (previous year: TCHF 94) for services in connection with the auditing of the annual financial statements of Zug Estates Holding AG and its subsidiaries and the consolidated financial statements of the Zug Estates Group.

8.3 Additional fees

Ernst & Young AG received TCHF 16 additional fees in connection with accounting issues (previous year: TCHF 33 for clarification of various accounting isues).

8.4 Information tools used for the external audit

The Audit Committee assesses the performance, the remuneration and the independence of the auditors on an annual basis and reports to the board of directors. The board of directors makes proposals to the general meeting of shareholders regarding the election of the auditor and monitors compliance with the rotation schedule for the lead auditor (seven-year period). On an annual basis, the Audit Committee and Group Management jointly review the external audit scope and the general conditions for any additional assignments. The Audit Committee also discusses the results of the audit with the external auditors.

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