6. Shareholders’ participation

6.1 Voting rights restrictions and representation of voting rights

All shareholders may attend the general meeting of shareholders in person to exercise their rights or they may act at the general meeting of shareholders through written proxy to another shareholder entitled to vote or through the independent proxy.

Power of attorney and instructions may be given to the independent proxy in writing or electronically. There are no arrangements in place for electronic attendance of the general meeting of shareholders.

6.2 Statutory quorums

In addition to the cases listed in article 704 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO), resolutions on the conversion of registered shares into bearer shares (and vice versa), the restriction on transferability of registered shares and the relaxation or cancellation of the restriction require the approval of at least two-thirds of the voting shares represented and an absolute majority of the nominal share value represented. In all other instances, the general meeting of shareholders of Zug Estates Holding AG shall adopt resolutions and hold elections by the majority of voting shares cast, irrespective of the number of shareholders present and of the number of voting shares represented.

6.3 Convocation of the general meeting of shareholders

Convocation of the general meeting of shareholders follows the legal provisions.

6.4 Agenda items

In principle, items are placed on the agenda in compliance with the legal provisions. Shareholders representing shares with a par value of at least CHF 1 million may request in writing, and on specification of the motion, inclusion of an item on the agenda within 40 days before the general meeting, unless the company issues a public notice specifying a different deadline. The written request must be accompanied by a bank statement, confirming that the shares are on deposit until after the general meeting.

6.5 Inscriptions into the share register

Registered shareholders who on the day when the invitation to the general meeting of shareholders is published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) – i. e. usually about 20 days before the date of the meeting – are listed in the share register as shareholders entitled to vote receive the invitation to the ordinary general meeting directly. No entries will be made in the share register between this date and the day of the general meeting.

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